• 114

    Snaga (ks)
  • 749

    Zapremnina (cm3)
  • 213

    Masa (kg)
  • 4.9

    Potrošnja (l / 100 km)





  • Metallic Triton Blue (YSF)
  • Pearl Glacier White (YWW)
  • Glass Sparkle Black / Pearl Glacier White (AGT)


Ukupna dužina 2125 mm Ukupna širina 785 mm
Ukupna visina 1055 mm Međuosovinski razmak 1455 mm
Udaljenost od podloge 135 mm Visina sjedala 820 mm
Ukupna masa 213 kg Obujam spremnika za gorivo 16 L

Specifikacije motora

Radni obujam 749 cm3 Tip motora 4-taktni, 4-cilindrični, vodom hlađen, DOHC
Provrt × hod 72.0 mm x 46.0 mm Compression ratio 12.3 : 1
Lubrication Wet sump Ignition Electronic ignition
Sustav goriva Ubrizgavanje goriva Mjenjač 6-stupanjski mehanički
Pogon Lanac Vrsta paljenja Električno
Potrošnja 4.9 L / 100km CO2 114 g/km
Snaga 84 kW @ 10,500rpm (114 KS) Okretni moment 81 Nm @ 9,000rpm

Specifikacije šasije

Prednji ovjes Okrenuta teleskopska vilica, spiralna opruga, uljni amortizer Stražnji ovjes Centralni opružni član, spiralna opruga, uljni amortizer
Prednje kočnice Dvostruki Disk Stražnje kočnice Disk
Prednji Pneumatik 120/70ZR17M/C (58W), tubeless Stražnji Pneumatik 190/50ZR17M/C (73W), tubeless

A True Apex Predator

Powered by a legendary supersport engine. Armed with the latest technologies. Tuned to command the streets. Built to reign supreme over naked sport bikes. The GSX-S750 is a true apex predator.

Tuned for the

Inherited directly from a GSX-R supersport machine, the powerful 749cc four-cylinder fuel-injected engine is specially tuned and refined to maximise its potential on the streets and on winding roads. Cutting-edge technologies from the legendary GSX-R series control engine management.

GSX-R Engine

GSX-R Engine

The GSX-S750 boosts the power output significantly of its street-tuned engine over its predecessor, even so the engine satisfy more stringent regulations and achieves a class leading level of fuel efficiency at 57.62 mpg*. Helping to achieve this dual gain are new long nosed ten hole fuel injectors introduced on each throttle body which optimise fuel atomisation and promote greater combustion efficiency to help limit fuel consumption. The downdraft double-barrel Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) system ensures efficient combustion and smooth, highly controllable power delivery throughout the engine’s broad power range. Suzuki’s digital ignition system, Idle Speed Control (ISC) and the use of iridium spark plugs contribute to linear throttle response, greater low-end torque production, easier engine start-up, lower cold-start emissions, and more stable idling. The GSX-S750 also adopts a shorter final gear ratio that helps maximise acceleration, while sixth gear retains a ratio that does not compromise top speed.

Lean Exhaust System

Lean Exhaust System

The streamlined design of this updated exhaust system eliminates the need for Suzuki’s Exhaust Control Valve, improving its looks, greater performance and reduced weight. That includes the fresh, clean appearance of its new fitting, and a brushed stainless steel heat shield.

Rider Technology

The GSX-S750 comes equipped with some of the most advanced rider technology available, including Traction Control², Low RPM Assist and Suzuki Easy Start System.

Traction Control²

Traction Control²

This track-bred technology provides greater confidence and reduces fatigue by delivering control over engine output that helps prevent rear wheel spin. The system operates so smoothly and naturally that it does not interfere with handling, even when the rider wishes to engage in aggressive sports riding. The rider can freely select one of three modes using the convenient handlebar switch. Mode one is for sport riding with minimal intervention; mode two offers the ideal balance for typical road conditions; and mode three delivers maximum traction control when riding in poor conditions.

Low RPM Assist

Low RPM Assist

Engine speed is controlled to ensure it doesn’t drop below what is necessary to maintain a smooth idle. Low RPM Assist also monitors engine speed, enabling the rider to operate the clutch lever and pull away without opening the throttle. This helps make negotiating traffic jams and busy city streets smoother and easier.

Suzuki Easy Start System

Suzuki Easy Start System

A simple press of starter button turns over the engine and starts the bike. Not having to hold the button down until the engine fires adds extra convenience when heading out on a ride.