• 55

    Snaga (ks)
  • 638

    Zapremnina (cm3)
  • 277

    Masa (kg)
  • 4.8

    Potrošnja (l/100 km)





  • Pearl Glacier White (YWW)
  • Grey
  • Metallic Matt Black No.2 (YKV)


Ukupna dužina 2265 mm Ukupna širina 810 mm
Ukupna visina 1420 mm Međuosovinski razmak 1585 mm
Udaljenost od podloge 125 mm Visina sjedala 760 mm
Ukupna masa 277 kg Obujam spremnika za gorivo 15 L

Specifikacije motora

Radni obujam 638 cm3 Tip motora 4-taktni, 2-cilindrični, vodom hlađen, DOHC
Provrt × hod 75,5mm x 71,3mm Compression ratio 10.6 : 1
Lubrication Wet sump Ignition Electronic ignition
Sustav goriva Ubrizgavanje goriva Mjenjač CVT
Pogon Remen Vrsta paljenja Elektroničko
Snaga 41 kW @ 7,000rpm (56 KS) Okretni moment 62 Nm @ 5,000rpm
Emisija C02 109 g / km Potrošnja goriva 4.8 L / 100km

Specifikacije šasije

Prednji ovjes Teleskopska vilica, spiralna opruga uljni amortizer Stražnji ovjes Njihajuća vilica, spiralna opruga, uljni amortizer
Prednje kočnice Dvostruki Disk Stražnje kočnice Disk
Prednji Pneumatik 120/70 R15 (56H), tubeless Stražnji Pneumatik 160/60 R14 (65H), tubeless

Executive Performance

BURGMAN. The name is synonymous with two-wheel luxury.

For an entire generation of riders, BURGMAN has redefined the motorcycling experience. In ways once unimaginable, it has brought performance and comfort into alignment. It has presented motorcyclists everywhere with new ways to think about the twin pursuits of pleasure and freedom.

Now make way for the

Control has never come so freely. Power has never flowed with such ease. Every movement feels smooth and graceful. Every street is yours for the taking. On the open highway, the BURGMAN 650 cruises in a class of its own. Such is the abundance of power at hand that your every destination feels near. It's exhilarating. And from the exhilaration is born inspiration. The ease with which you accelerate, downshift, and manoeuvre around traffic and through every backroad detour is a tour de force. With surefootedness that inspires confidence and plush ride comfort that leaves you feeling sharp and relaxed long after you hit the road, the BURGMAN 650 empowers you to go much further.

A higher class of performance

A higher class of performance

The BURGMAN 650 delivers performance with as much control as you desire. A liquid-cooled 638cm3 engine offers all the power you need. Computerised fuel injection, a Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection (PAIR) system, and an O2 feedback system with catalyzer boost fuel efficiency and minimise emissions.

Ergonomic grip and seat heating

Ergonomic grip and seat heating

The new ergonomic hand warmer is very practical, so you don't have to miss the bike in cooler and windy weather. Combined with double seat heating, it is almost perfect.

Comfort for the passenger

Comfort for the passenger

Motoring for our passengers is now even more convenient because we have a backrest at the end of the rear seat section that blends into the world of motorcycle shape.

35% reduction in drag friction

35% reduction in drag friction

The SECVT's updated design includes new clutch plates that cause 35% less drag.


A tubular frame and aluminium-alloy swingarm position the engine and transmission for balance and agility. The frame inherits the long, 1,595mm wheelbase of earlier Burgmans for a sporty, controllable ride and has a newly designed, slimmer tail section for sleeker, sportier bodywork. Plenty of wheel travel (110mm at the front and 100mm at the rear) helps to keep the ride smooth.

Clean looks

Clean looks

The exhaust system is sleek thanks to a new-look triangle-section muffler, And it’s engineered to keep emissions so low that the BURGMAN 650 satisfies the most stringent regulations.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Knowledge is power, so the BURGMAN 650’s instruments keep the rider fully informed. Big, easy-to-read analogue dials for the speedometer and tachometer flank a digital display that shows an odometer, twin trip meters, a fuel consumption meter, a fuel meter, a coolant temperature indicator, a thermometer, a clock, an oil level indicator, an oil change indicator, a drive mode indicator (for drive mode and power mode), and a gear position indicator (for manual mode). *All lights and indications are illuminated in the photo for illustrative purposes.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Security technologies help to protect your investment in the BURGMAN 650. The Suzuki Advanced Immobilizer System (SAIS)* uses an electronic identification system in the owner’s key to prevent unauthorized people from starting the engine. Plus, the ignition switch is protected by a magnetic cover that opens only for the owner’s key.

Antilock controllability

Antilock controllability

An antilock braking system (ABS)* helps to maximise the rider’s control by preventing the wheels from locking during hard brake application.


Room for

The BURGMAN 650 has room for plenty of gear. A cavernous, 50-litre underseat compartment can hold two full-face helmets and has a light for nighttime convenience. A cable lock allows you to secure a helmet outside the compartment to make space for luggage inside. Three compartments below the handlebars provide space for maps and other items you might need on the road. One contains a DC outlet that’s ideal for charging a mobile telephone.